This Blog is a collection of my recordings from travelling around Asia

This Blog is a collection of my recordings and collectings from travelling around Asia...
expect lots of obscure instruments, strange sounds, electric and acoustic instruments, obscure records and tapes, and any other sounds i find on the road.
Please be Patient, as the site is very content heavy, the Soundcloud streams are a bit slow to load...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BKK Vinyl, the first batch.

Some rips from recent acquisitions here in BKK. Hours of digging, and you get the rewards...
Apoligies about the label orientation, cannot fix the mistake of Google's auto-rotate.

1. Super Funky track from Isan.... Dig the violin intro and strings....

2. Nice little Shout out track from Isan...

3. Two funky sides

4.Beautiful Traditional morlam just Kaen and Vocal...

5. Some killer Thai funk.

6.Some more funky goodies from Isan

7. Another funky Isan track

8.Super funky Indian groove strait out of Isan...

9. A Chill, but super groovin Luk-Thung track.

10. An excellent Morlam song featuring a rare lead saxophone.

11. Straight ahead Thai funk

More to come in the next couple of days, have around fifty 45s and more then ten 12s.
One of the great personal joys of digging through these old records, besides the incredible sounds i'm lucky enough to find, is the incredible aesthetic value of the record labels themselves...

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