This Blog is a collection of my recordings from travelling around Asia

This Blog is a collection of my recordings and collectings from travelling around Asia...
expect lots of obscure instruments, strange sounds, electric and acoustic instruments, obscure records and tapes, and any other sounds i find on the road.
Please be Patient, as the site is very content heavy, the Soundcloud streams are a bit slow to load...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Second Night of Morlam band at Temple

Second night of performances at the temple, This time with an Erhu, and two hand drums.
Later tracks are better, they start playing harder.
Later, the musicians, the guitarist and Phin player took me into the Temple, where they have been living while painting the inner sanctuary, the Phin player did the murals, while the guitarist was responsible for the gold stenciling on the columns. here's pics of the murals:

Recordings from an acoustic jam at the musicians house up soon

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